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No Code Interface
Account abstraction enticing you to abstract away the code too?
Check out a no code implementation of the SDK live here.
(Note that the no-code instance is still in beta mode and uses an experimental PKP backend infrastructure for greater decentralisation, your circuit may be interrupted or reset at anytime).

How it works:

The application architecture consists of:
  • Next.js frontend
    • Collects circuit logic from users.
  • Node backend server
    • Instantiates all circuits for uninterrupted service and continuous webhook and contract event monitoring. An assigned PKP batches and signs all logs, errors and results to the Listener Factory Database Contract.
  • On-chain database
    • Logs are written on-chain with IPFS and stored within the Lit Database contract.
  • Graph Protocol subgraph
    • Real-time data retrieval from the Lit Database Contract to the frontend application.